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edgarOur Mission:

To provide a safe haven for pit bull and pit bull mix dogs in need throughout the northeast, primarily focusing on dogs in Pennsylvania.  We rely on approved fosters families to provide safe, loving, temporary homes for the dogs in our care.  The ultimate goal is to place each and every rescue into a loving forever home. Until that happens though we provide will food, bedding, shelter and veterinary care for every dog, as well as training and rehabilitation for those in need.  

Pitties.Love.Peace, Inc. was founded by a group of pit bull lovers dedicated to rescue, advocacy and education. Most of us have been involved in dog rescue in a variety of forms for  many years. We are excited to be able to change the lives of our rescue dogs and of dog lovers everywhere.

Every rescue receives essential items needed to give them daily enrichment, this includes toys, treats and many other items as required for each dog as needed.  Pitties.Love.Peace also strives to educate people about pit bull type dogs and advocate for the breed we love and promote responsible dog ownership.

Pitties.Love.Peace, Inc.
P.O. Box 534
Elizabethtown, PA 17022-0534